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Antenna Installations &
Distributing Points

Antenna Installations
We spend quite some time finding the "hot spots" on the roof where the signal is the strongest, especially in bad reception areas.
Antennae are installed with 38mm poles and 3 leg brackets for solid mounting.
Brackets are galvanized the hot dip method and not electroplated
All mounting is done on walls and not on wood.
Antenna cable is directed through holes in walls and not through tiles (if possible).
The place for the best installation point is determined by a field strength meter. The best place isn’t always available due to the shape of the roof. We try to avoid reflection signals from nearby roof sheets. Any signal lost through cabling and in poor reception areas is measured and rectified through amplification.

The pole is mounted a correct distance from the wall, so canceling out any knocking sounds in windy weather. We don’t install antennas inside the roof because it creates comeback situations. We also feel that a normal installer can do the job. Only galvanized antennae are used. Antennae with flat reception characteristics are used to make amplification possible if necessary.

When a signal is amplified for distributing, the noise gets amplified as well, and gets closer to the signal level. That’s why we strongly recommend the Skywave antenna followed by the Marlin. These antennas have a good signal to noise ratio which makes them excellent choices for distributing points. )
  * Quotations are valid for single story buildings
 QUOTATION: Antenna Installation (with field analyzer)

Description Qty Unit price Amount
Skywave antenna (recommended by SABC)     180.00
25m RG-6/U Satellite Cable (Bieffe from Italy) 25 5.00 125.00
150 mm 3 Leg Bracket     36.00
U-Bolts 60mm 2 1.50 3.00
2m x 38mm Aluminium Pole     43.90
Co-axial Plugs (Metal) 1 6.00 6.00
Sundries     20.00
Labour     300.00
Decoder + Video Calibration   Free  
    Sub Total R 713.90
    VAT R 99.95
    TOTAL R  813.85
The normal signal strength for a good antenna is approximately 70 db. If the signal drops below 55 db we move into a bad reception area. To rectify this problem we us a master head amplifier to lift the signal strength back to normal. Unfortunaely amplification has certain drawbacks. It amplifies the ground noise and other magnetic waves as well. This noise causes interference on DSTV, M-Net decoders and video machines. Therefore we install noise filters to clean up this noise. To avoid most hazels, engineers believe that amplification in these cases must not exceed 15 db.
 QUOTATION: Antenna Installation + Amplification
(with field strength analyzer)

3 hours
Description Qty Unit price Amount
Skywave antenna (recommended by SABC)     180.00
25m RG-6/U Satellite Cable (Bieffe from Italy) 25 5.00 125.00
150 mm 3 Leg Bracket     36.00
U-Bolts 60mm 2 1.50 3.00
2m x 38mm Aluminium Pole     43.90
Co-axial Plugs (Metal) 1 6.00 6.00
Masterhead Amp + Power Supply     300.00
Sundries     300.00
Labour     300.00
Decoder + Video Calibration   Free  
    Sub Total R 1013.90
    VAT R 141.95
    TOTAL R  1155.85
Price of noise filters vary from R120 up to R800 excl.

In most sever cases we use directional Antennas which have a natural ability to focus in on the signal and reject unwanted noise coming from the sides.

>> Alcad MB075 directional antenna R590.00 excl.
CODE Working sheet
 UHF antenna C/21-69, 17 dB
 CODE 9000045
 TYPE MX-075
 CHANNELS   21-69
 GAIN dB 17
 S.W.R   <=2
 LENGTH mm 1760

Distributing points to other viewing locations
Signal is divided in such a way that M-Net, DSTV, DVD, video, TV1, TV2, TV3 and ETV are available on every set. Signal loss is measured at every point and amplified accordingly, to keep the picture standard for good viewing quality. Installation of extra points requires signal splitters. Due to loss of signal through bad splitters we only use the best product.
Head end With Setback amp

Head end in 2nd picture is more labour intencive and cost R300 excl. more
TV’s do have a tendency of sending noise back into the antenna cable. This signal in the opposite direction will cause interference on TV screens.
With multiple distribution points this can become a big problem. Therefore we use tabs and not splitters because they block this noise and prevent it from going through to the rest of the system.

Then we also lay our wires just beneath the roof tiles – away from power cords and well protected.

Secondly no one can stand on it which means no kinks in the cable. Kinks in the cable cause percentage blockage of signal and redirect part of the signal in the opposite direction, which causes interference on TV screens.

Wrong!t TV Point in Room
 QUOTATION: Install 4 Distributing Points

4 hours
Description Qty Unit price Amount
25m RG-6/U Satellite Cable (Bieffe from Italy) 75 5.00 375.00
24db Setback Amp (Alcad)     285.00
4-Way F-Connector 15 db Tab     89.00
1-Way F-Connector 6 db Tab     49.00
F-Connectors 19 2.00 38.00
Co-axial Plugs (Metal) 11 6.00 66.00
Sundries     30.00
Labour     600.00
Decoder + Video Calibration   Free  
    Sub Total R 1532.00
    VAT R 214.48
    TOTAL R  1746.48

 QUOTATION: Install 1 Distributing Points

2 hours
Description Qty Unit price Amount
25m RG-6/U Satellite Cable (Bieffe from Italy) 75 5.00 375.00
1-Way F-Connector 6 db Tab     30.00
F-Connectors 3 2.00 6.00
Co-axial Plugs (Metal) 8 6.00 48.00
Sundries     20.00
Labour     300.00
Decoder + Video Calibration   Free  
    Sub Total R 529.00
    VAT R 74.06
    TOTAL R  603.06

Calibration of decoders and video machines for best reception
Because of the number of senders and TV stations in our region, they cause interference with video and decoder output channels. This causes poor picture quality; therefore we measure all 57 UHF signals and choose the cleanest space for your DSTV decoder and/or video machine. If required, notch or low pass filters are used to accomplish the task.
Filter price: R 180.00
 QUOTATION: Install 1 Distributing Points

2 hours
Description   Amount
Labour   280.00
  Sub Total R 280.00
  VAT R 39.20
  TOTAL R  319.20

Wall mount TV brackets
TV brackets are becoming the “fashion”; it looks neat and saves space.
Labour and installation of 1st bracket: R150.

51cm bracket: R320
72cm bracket: R450

Remote extenders

We install remote extenders that will enable the client to change their DSTV, M-Net and video channels or any other function of this device from any location in the house. We use extenders that are very powerful and send signals without problems. Not all extenders are Dual View Compliant

We recommend the Wizard remote extender: R550.00 excl.

Install Home Theatre Systems
Full installation of theatre systems which includes the correct positioning of speakers, and connecting of TV, video, satellite decoder and DSTV by using and supplying audio visual cords.
Before: NB! Screeting and painting of wall must be done by builders and are not included in quote.
 QUOTATION: Home Theatre Installations

6 hours
Description Qty Unit price Amount
Home Theatre Cable RCS -RCS 7 26.00 182.00
Speaker Cable     500.00
Sundries     60.00
Labour     600.00
    Sub Total R 1342.00
    VAT R 197.88
    TOTAL R  1529.88
Installation of Plasma screen R400. excl. vat and cabling.

Best products

We only install Space, Alcad and Skywave products to ensure best reception and quality service. This means that our prices are higher but the product we deliver to the client is above standard. All our antennae are aluminum and galvanized to combat rust. Every component in the amplifiers is screened separately to seal off magnetic interference for best viewing quality.

F- Connector tabs are used for minimum signal loss. RGU 6 satellite cable is used for all installations for maximum signal strength. Cables are laid and glued very neatly thus eliminating interference with power supply cables.

Outside cable is laid under ground and through PVC pipe if possible to external buildings. We recommend new builders to first consult us, beforehand, to ensure correct layout of pipes and to avoid interference with AC power lines and lay out of cables. Wires are laid neatly through plug covers and glued neatly against wall.

Terms and conditions

There are cheaper options but the installer will run the risk of loosing his accreditation certificate.
These quotations are only valid if all the piping is open and in order.
A key must be available for each apartment at all times so that installation is not affected, and if not adhered to, extra time and labour fees will be charged.
Enough space in conduit is required for the installation of at least two cables per apartment.
It might be necessary to install extra equipment for example brackets, amps or ducting which is not included in the quote and the customer can only be informed of these during/after installation.
Quotation is subjective to terms and conditions as stipulated on website
Mr Dish will not be held liable for any damage done to the client’s property due to the normal installation procedure.
The client will be held responsible for any injuries to workers on site caused by structural deficiencies of the building.
Payment to be made after completion of work.
All parts remain the property of Mr Dish until settled in full.
Hiring fee will be charged on all parts not paid within 30 days after completion of installation.

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